Finance Customer Relations Committee

Finance Customer Relations Committee

Finance Division Employee of the Month


  • The nominee should be an employee of the Finance division or an employee from another division who provides outstanding service to Finance Division Customers.

  • The nominee should consistently exhibit good Customer Relations.

  • All non-supervisory employees are eligible for nomination.

  • Any employee in the Finance Division may be a nominator.

  • An employee may not nominate herself/himself.

  • Active FCRC members are not eligible for nomination.

  • An employee may submit one (1) nominee per nomination form.

  • Any employee selected as Employee Of The Month is not eligible for nomination again during the current Fiscal Year.

  • The nominee must have completed their probationary period.

  • All nominations will be kept by FCRC for the period of twelve months from the original submission and reviewed monthly. Any nominations which are not advanced during that period will be returned to the author for resubmission or disposal.

  • Finance Customer Relations Committee Members will be available to assist any employee in the resolution of any problems which may arise concerning the nomination process.

  • Management employees will be accepted as nominees for Employee Of The Month voting. Department Heads are the exception to this rule.

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