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John Gacek Peter Gacek Edward Gacek Aniela Wozniak Gacek Jacob Gacek

Jacob and Aniela Gacek
with sons John, Peter and Edward circa 1920.

Nelly Gacek Misteri Michael Gacek Irene Gacek Waleszczyk Peter Gacek John Gacek Aniela Wozniak Gacek Jacob Gacek Grandma Gacek Edward Gacek

The Gacek clan in the summer of 1937.

Jacob Gacek Sr Barry Herb Frederick Herb Catherine Herb Gacek Jacob Gacek Jr Edward  Gacek Nelly Gacek Misteri Irene Gacek Walesczyk Peter Gacek Aniela Gacek John Gacek Charlene Herb Aunt Rose Mrs Herb Unkown Man Edith Herb Aunt Susan Vera Kramer Sara Beach Anthony Kochanowicz

The Gacek family at the wedding of Peter Gacek and Catherine Herb in 1942.

Jacob Gacek Sr John Gacek Paul Gacek Catherine Herb Gacek Aniela Gacek Misteri Aniela Wozniak Gacek Jacob Gacek Jr Peter Gacek Helen Tyz Gacek Irene Gacek Waleszczyk

The Gacek family at the beach in Clinton CT in 1945.

Walter Waleszczyk Harry Misteri Jacob Gacek Sr Nelly Gacek Misteri Edward Gacek Peter Gacek Jacob Gacek Jr Ethel Lis Gacek Helen Tyz Gacek Aniela Wozniak Gacek Frederick Herb Irene Gacek Waleszczyk Mrs Herb Vera Herb Mary Kochanowicz Gacek John Gacek Daniel Gacek Peter Gacek Catherine Herb Gacek Paul Gacek

The Gacek family at the christening of Peter Gacek in 1949.

Mary Gacek Daniel Gacek John Gacek Paul Gacek

The John Gacek family at Christmas in 1949.

John Gacek (1912-2001)

Ethel Lis Gacek Scholarship

John J. and Edward J. Gacek Scholarship

Photo Albums - a collection of photo albums taken at various Gacek family Events.

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