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Jennifer Ge, piano

Jennifer Ge, piano Jennifer Ge, who was born in Guangzhou, China, started playing piano when she was five. She moved to Canada when she was six, where she studied with Mrs. Hua Lan. She passed the Grade 3 Royal Conservatory of Music Exam with Honors when she was six, and the Grade 5 Exam with First Class Honors when she was eight. Since she moved to the United States at the age of nine, she has studied with Mrs. Xiao Hui Jiang, Mrs. Helen Xie, and Miss Xi You. She passed the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Grade 8 Piano Exam when she was thirteen. She currently studies with Miss Qi Liu.

Jennifer also has been playing the violin since she was eight. She currently studies with Mr. Shan Jiang, and previously with Mrs. Nina Lunin. She participates in the Cheshire High School Orchestra, and she has participated in the Connecticut Music Educators Association Southern Region Music Festival.

Jennifer is 15 and is currently a sophomore at Cheshire High School. She also enjoys drawing, graphic design, and alternative music.

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