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North Carolina Wreck Diving

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Originally built as a whaler in 1898, the Lancing had been impressed into service during World War II carrying fuel oil to Great Britain. In early 1942 she was on a run from Curacao to New York and then to England by convoy. She met her demise on April 7, 1942, at the hands of the U-552 commanded by Oberleutnant Erich Tropp. A single torpedo struck the engine room on the starboard side and sent her to her final resting place in 160 feet of sea water. The Lancing is known locally as the "Slick Wreck".
The Lancing rests upside down with her keel rising approximately thirty feet off the bottom. The sight of her massive rudder and propellor reaching skyward creates an impression which is not soon forgotten!
One of the forward masts of the Lancing lying in the sand. The port side of the wreck sits slightly above the bottom and one sees boilers and machinery which have spilled out of the interior along the entire length of the wreck.

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